Healing/Arts Workshop with Sarah Kim (Monday March 20, 2023)

The Daily Dance of the Never Ordinary

On Monday March 20, 2023 at 9am pst/12pm est/5pm gmt, Canadian dance artist and physician Sarah Kim will give a workshop titled, “The Daily Dance of the Never Ordinary.”

During the years of investigation to resolve an internal dissonance of the dancer’s body with the physician’s body, Sarah began to observe the body as an archive holding layer upon layer of multiple, often competing, stories. This session will invite participants to collaboratively witness and construct a score, beginning with the tension of the ordinary and tedious, moving through dreaded routines of the everyday into an experimental sphere of creative possibility and inspiration.  

This workshop will reference and draw upon the framework used during Sarah’s recent collaboration during the pandemic with frontline healthcare workers, in the piece, “The Choreography of Care.” 

No movement experience is necessary for this workshop. Bring a notebook or paper to write reflections or sketch on. This movement lab can be adjusted to any range of motions and spaces. For maximum participation, it is recommended that you have access to a computer a with camera, in order that we can be moved by each other.  

You can register for this free, virtual workshop here: https://forms.gle/rsJkyh2h6dCohTPx9

Sarah Kim is an independent dance artist, Mother, and physician based in Toronto/Tkaronto.  Her artistic practice integrates various martial art influences, street dance, contemporary dance and circus as part of her movement research.  Sarah is curious about how models of the body influence the lived experience:  Perceptions, relationships and body politics.  In her role as Dancer-in-Residence with the Health Art & Humanities Program at the University of Toronto, her investigations critically examine historical ideas around the body, exploring embedded hierarchies and the intersection of the body within industrialized systems.  Complementary to her dance practice, she is a trauma psychotherapist, Sports & Exercise Medicine specialist, mindfulness meditation and movement educator.  Within her experience in healthcare as a clinical lecturer and teacher at the University of Toronto, her process involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of anatomies, building bridges between silos of knowledge, with consideration of what it means to decolonize the body, to address systemic -isms and offer sustainable alternatives to shame-based learning.  Her method encourages a non-intrusive approach, inviting dialogue and positive affirmation of embodied experiences.  For over two decades, Sarah has collaborated in research, practice and education within the dance community and the medical education system.  Sarah considers herself a lifelong student of the human condition and believes strongly in movement and creative expression as core foundations of well-being.   


Healing/Arts Workshop with Aryn Bartley (Wednesday April 12, 2023)

Storytelling and the Postpartum Transition

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 9am pst/12pm est/5pm gmt instructor and facilitator Aryn Bartley will lead a workshop titled “Storytelling and the Postpartum Transition.” 

Why is storytelling in community so important for healing? When it comes to the postpartum period, which stories and emotions are socially authorized, and which are considered to be taboo – and why? In this workshop, Aryn will discuss her work facilitating creative wellness workshops for people experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. Together, we will take time to explore cultural discourses around new parenting, and then Aryn will share some frameworks for understanding the postpartum transition. She will describe some of the writing and art activities she draws upon in her workshops, and guide participants through a facilitated writing activity focused on acknowledging what is left behind in life transitions. The session will end with a discussion of the importance of sharing stories about maternal and reproductive health.

No writing experience is required. Please have materials available for writing.

You can register for this free, virtual workshop here: https://forms.gle/unZjVxRjQkbpiXZF8

Trained in transformative language arts, narrative medicine, and the social-emotional arts, Aryn Bartley (she/her) finds joy and meaning in making spaces for self-expression and healing. Along with teaching writing and literature at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, Aryn facilitates creative workshops in the community, most frequently for people experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University.

Healing/Arts Workshop with Celeste Lipkes (Monday May 22, 2023)

Photo credit: Nate Burrows

Writing Both Sides of the Stethoscope 

On Monday May 22, 2023 at 9am pst/12pm est/5pm gmt, physician and writer Celeste Lipkes will host a workshop titled, “Writing Both Sides of the Stethoscope.”

As a psychiatrist and a patient with chronic medical illness, Celeste has written about her own medical trauma and how these experiences both catalyzed and complicated her journey as a physician. In this workshop, Celeste will read poems from her debut poetry collection, Radium Girl, and we will explore together through a writing exercise how to survive both sides of the stethoscope – as both care providers and care receivers. 

You Can register for this free, virtual event here: https://forms.gle/M7iFiCsagbxFgooT7

Celeste Lipkes, MD, MFA is a staff inpatient consult psychiatrist at the Charles George VA Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. Her debut poetry collection, Radium Girl, will be published this month by the University of Wisconsin Poetry Series. Prior to attending Virginia Commonwealth University for medical school she received her MFA in poetry at University of Virginia. She has taught poetry workshops at UVA, Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and for patients in various medical settings, most recently at the West Haven VA Hospital. She is currently at work on a series of lyric essays exploring her experiences as a patient and a physician. For additional information visit her website: http://www.celestelipkes.com/